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Our commercial painting expertise helps create the atmosphere you want! Similar to how people have their own personality, every building has its own atmosphere. Yours deserves to reflect that! Don’t allow potential customers to judge a book by its cover. Appeal to your clientele, feel confident in your building, and know that your building is completely set up for success when someone walks through the doors.

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Our Commercial Painting Process

  • Initial Consultation

    The process starts as soon as you contact us, from the moment your information is taken a whole system gets in motion to deliver the best experience and service, from choosing the colors to the final walk through, you'll experience professionalism, trust and respect

  • Color Consultation

    Change the energy of the room by changing the color Imagine your customer walking into your building and being pleasantly surprised by how amazing it looks and feels. That’s the power of color! As a business, we understand the importance of making a strong impression. For this purpose we’d love to help with that.

  • Painting

    We prioritize efficiency so your business doesn’t skip a beat. Additionally, we inspect the surfaces to be painted and clean them, sand them, repair any cracks or holes, patch imperfections, prime and paint. We know how to apply the product to achieve the best look as it's intended.

  • Peace of Mind

    In addition to the actual look of your space, we make sure we get the job done efficiently. This means keeping an open line of communication so everybody is on the same page. You shouldn’t have to put up one of those “pardon our mess” signs for longer than it needs to be. We don’t just care about your project, we care about your business!

Most FLY-BY-NIGHT-painters, will last a couple of seasons, because they can’t maintain a level of professionalism, quality, customer service. For that reason we are the best commercial painting contractor you will find in the area! Here’s why:

We will write a very detailed estimate and contract that you can sign on the spot in most cases, and it will explain every inch to be painted and what will not be painted, you can count on it being a fair price for top of industry quality and materials. As opposed to some other painters' verbal estimate or written in a piece of a napkin.

In fact, we will show up at the time and day agreed, you don't need to worry, no guessing and wishing your painter would show up today.

Furthermore, we are committed to being honest with every client, even if that cost the sale, we are not pushy sales people, who will offer you levels of finish, or sell you a warranty for 2-3-5 years and charge you for it.

Lastly, we show up with a clean appearance and the utmost respect for your property and possessions. No smoking inside or around your property, you won't have to clean up cigarettes off your lawn.

Gary Merlone
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The most professional painter I have ever hired He is Always on time does a beautiful job and Never leaves you in a mess His work is nothing short of Superior Nobody comes close to the way he carries himself This is why I would recommend him to anyone!
52 Motors
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Great service with great pricing, Thank you for helping us renovate our new business offices. everything was good and easy felt very comfortable working with them will definitively be recommending you guys.